Who Is StickMan® For?

StickMan® is a product for professional touring and performing musicians, music educators, professional percussionists, music students and those drummers and percussionists who value properly pitch-matched and weight-matched sticks during their rehearsals and performances.


With StickMan you can have 10 or 100 pairs of drumsticks and they will stay matched until the moment you are ready to play.


We acknowledge that there are other methods for keeping drumsticks matched, however we believe that StickMan is the best of those methods by far. Some of our customers have suggested methods such as using permanent marker to mark the butt ends of drumsticks for visual matching, while others have even suggested using rubber bands to hold their sticks together. These are not the only methods, but even these present issues which become apparent to users of StickMan.


In fact, we invented StickMan after years of marking the butt ends of sticks with markers and desiring a much better solution during performances on dark stages and rehearsals where different sets of sticks would be used for specific songs. 


StickMan is not intended to be pulled off quickly if you break a drumstick on stage in the middle of a song, nor is it a stick 'holder' that mounts to an object on stage. StickMan is specifically for managing your drumsticks until the time you select your pairs and lay them out as you choose prior to your performance or rehearsal.


It is an accessory which allows you to get all of your valuable pre-matched sticks to the studio or the stage ready to perform, and then allows you to quickly and easily re-match pairs and drop them into your stick bag or case.  

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