StickMan® Drumstick List

StickMan® works with almost all diameters of common drum set drumsticks. StickMan can also be used on some mallets and brushes, however its design is optimized for standard drumstick use.


Minimum Diameter    .520"   (Example: Vic Firth AJ4, Peter Erskine Original, 7A & 8D sticks all fit in StickMan)

Maximum Diameter   .650"   (Example: Vic Firth 2B, Danny Carey Signature, SD1 General & Thomas Lang Signature all fit in StickMan)


To find out whether the sticks you use will work with StickMan, please use the links below to find the diameter of your sticks. All you have to do is make sure your drumstick diameter falls within the limits above and you're ready to order! If you have any questions regarding using StickMan with mallets or brushes, please email us at


  1. Easton Ahead
  2. Innovative Percussion
  3. ProMark
  4. Regal Tip
  5. Vater
  6. Vic Firth
  7. Zildjian


Drumstick manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order.

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