Frequently Asked Questions about StickMan®:


    • What can StickMan do for you?
      • StickMan can save you time by eliminating wasted time searching for matched pairs of drumsticks - every pair is always matched with StickMan.
      • StickMan can improve your tonality. Advanced players will notice a difference in non pitch & weight matched sets of drumsticks. Now, every player can use drumsticks that are matched, just like the pros.


    • Does StickMan fit my drumstick make and model? 
      • StickMan fits most common drum set drumsticks. You can also use StickMan on certain brushes and mallets, however the product was optimized for standard drumstick use. Please see this page for details.



    • What happens if StickMan breaks? 


    • Where can I buy StickMan? StickMan is currently for sale on stickmanager.com or on Amazon.com
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