About StickMan®

StickMan® keeps your drumsticks matched, so every time you reach for a set of drumsticks you get a matched pair.


Why StickMan?

Drumstick manufacturers spend millions of dollars matching your drumsticks for weight, pitch, color and grain direction to ensure a balanced feel, even sound and uniform wear while you play.


But all of their effort is lost the instant you remove your sticks from their disposable cardboard sleeves and toss them into your stick bag. From that moment on, you're playing with mismatched sticks of different weights and pitches.


That problem is solved with StickMan®, a patented drumstick clip.


Simply snap StickMan® onto your drumsticks and toss them in the bag. The next time you reach for them they'll be matched, just like they are supposed to be. 


Play like the Pros. Play Balanced™.



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